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Harper’s Bazaar

We were honored to have the radiant Daphne Marleen Laan wearing pieces from our latest collection, Urban Chic, as she graced the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Viet Nam this past summer.

Daphne’s photo series included several pieces from our newest collection, but perhaps our favorite was her combination of a flowing, black and white leotard with silver and gold Urban Chic bangle bracelets and a striking white mother of pearl pendant.

Our Urban Chic collection is all about exploring your city in style. At Daphne’s shoot with Antoine Verglas, she was certainly doing that!

The diamonds, gemstones, and manufacturing processes used in the A. Jain line have been sourced from companies and vendors based only in America that are part of the The Responsible Jewelers Council, Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America, The Jewelers Board of Trade, American Gem Society, American Gem Trade Association, and the Alrosa Alliance with De Beers Sightholder affiliation.

In line with our standards for fine gemstones, each of the diamonds used in our pieces have been hand selected to be of the Flawless to VS clarity grades; selected to be of the (D, E, F) colorless grade, using only the highest and strictest standards set by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and only sourced from United States-based vendors.

All metals used in A. Jain product lines consist of Rhodium Plated .925 Sterling Silver, 18-Karat Gold, or 999 to 950 Platinum in purity standards.