Can I buy directly from A.Jain?

A.Jain is a designer and manufacturer of women’s jewelry. All of our jewelry is distributed to the public exclusively through authorized A.Jain retailers, who are more than happy to assist you with sales, pricing and service. Additionally, all A.Jain jewelry is also available to purchase online exclusively through www.a-jain.com as another way of providing access for our clients to the vast amount of jewelry available from A.Jain.

Due to the A.Jain commitment to the retail fine jewelry community, purchases made online are financially shared with our retail network of fine jewelry partners as if the purchase was made in-store. You can find an authorized A.Jain retail partner near you by clicking here.

How can I be sure that I purchased an authentic A.Jain design?

To ensure that you purchase an authentic A.Jain design, we strongly recommend you buy only from an authorized A.Jain retail partner or through our website. Purchasing from an active and authorized A.Jain retail partner, or through this website is the first step to guarantee an authentic A.Jain design.

Furthermore, when you purchase from one of our authorized A.Jain retail partners, you should receive specific paperwork such as a receipt with your new A.Jain item, which will have all the pertinent information about your jewelry item. Although this varies between retailers, your detailed receipt should have all the information about your A.Jain piece with your date of purchase, jewelry style number and all costs. If you have opted to purchase your A.Jain piece from our website, you will receive all the pertinent information regarding your jewelry in your copy of the receipt that is sent to you.

If there is any reason that you suspect that your item is not an authentic A.Jain design, you can ask your authorized A.Jain retail partner for an appraisal, and also to provide bills of sale that state “A.Jain” on them as well as any/all pictures, sales quotes or documentation regarding your purchase so that you have all the information that makes you feel comfortable knowing that you have received an authentic A.Jain design. Should you feel that you may need assistance with this, please email us at info@a-jain.com.

Is every A.Jain design on the website?

Our website gallery contains the largest selection of A.Jain styles. That said, not every jewelry style and/or variation may be featured for every piece. An authorized A.Jain retail partner is the best place for clients to discuss pricing and style variations. You may also contact us and speak directly to an A.Jain representative.

Can I customize my A.Jain item?

Every A.Jain design is handcrafted in the United States by master artisans. This means that our designers collaborate directly alongside the craftsman who make every piece, as well as Abeer, our Founder and Creative Director, who personally oversees the entire process from design to manufacturing to production to ensure the longevity and quality of your custom A.Jain piece.

Because of the bespoke nature of our jewelry and our history within the gemstone manufacturing industry, we welcome the many customers who choose A.Jain jewelry pieces to reflect their unique style. With our design studios, jewelry manufacturing, and wholesale gemstone sourcing team all located in the United States we are uniquely able to ensure the highest level of quality and care as we craft your personalized design.

In addition should you wish to create a “special order” we’d love to collaborate with you on a custom design from A.Jain. In order to begin this process, we encourage you to please visit your local authorized A.Jain retailer to speak in-depth with their jeweler about your dream design and to place your order. Or feel free to contact our customer service or sales department at (212) 944-0043 and we will be able to help you design your piece.

Should you wish you create a one-of-a-kind piece with magnificent stones from the A.Jain personal vault, and maybe find a specific gemstone of your choice we will be able to arrange a showing of stones to you in our offices and help you choose the best stones for your needs. Should you wish to come to our offices and see the personal collection of rare stones and unique stones acquired by the A.Jain family over the years please contact our personal shopping department through email at sales@a-jain.com and we can arrange an appointment time for you to come in.

Should we find a stone that satisfies your needs and we are able to create a one-of-a-kind jewelry piece for you, with your help, if you are interested, we may discuss the use the piece designed for promotional purposes at trade shows and other A.Jain fashion events.

Please know that creating a custom order personalized to your desires may take a bit more time than a standard order. The turnaround time for “custom order items” will likely be between 6-10 weeks, as it will be a custom piece made to your specifications.

Your authorized A.Jain retailer will be able to provide any and all pricing information for you, as well as a timeline for creating your special order piece.

* Custom orders do often take longer to create and there may be added costs, depending on the specifics of the project.

Authenticity and care

What quality are A.Jain Gemstones?

The A.Jain family have been gemstone manufacturers and wholesalers within the Fine Jewelry industry for over 30 years. The A.Jain family has been supplying to some of the most well known fine jewelry houses and brands over the years for all of their colored stone needs, shapes, sizes, cuts, and only fine quality gemstones; they have helped build small houses into gigantic corporations from the ground up with their expertise and knowledge of the gemstone and jewelry industry.

Our gemstones are cut in the A.Jain family-owned factories in order to ensure that we can control, to the best of our ability, the natural quality of our gemstones. Our factories buy ethically sourced, natural mined rough gemstones as they are formed by mother nature. Our gemstones are all products of mother nature and not lab created.

Gemstones used in all A.Jain pieces have all been personally manufactured by the A.Jain family’s manufacturing business ensuring the highest quality of colored stones used. Our master craftsman cut and polish the rough stones, no matter the carat size, to carefully maximize color, cut, clarity and radiate the elegance of each stone.

In certain stones, sometimes enhancements or treatments are done to bring out the gemstone’s full potential. Anytime such enhancements or treatments occur, our gems are crafted according to the GIA and AGTA list of accepted treatments and are only done to bring out the full potential of the gemstone itself. Such enhancement processes are, but not limited to, heating or irradiating certain gems. We do not carry stones with treatments such as lead fulling, surface diffusion, lab created synthetics or imitation gemstones.

Diamonds are GIA certified and each of the diamonds used in A.Jain jewelry pieces have been hand selected to be of the colorless grade (D, E, F) with Flawless to VS clarity grades; using the highest and strictest standards of selection from only United States based vendors, manufacturers and sightholders. Our diamonds are sourced from these trusted diamonds suppliers who value sustainable, conflict-free, sourcing and manufacturing through ethical business practices. We work to enforce the strictest standards set forth by the Kimberley Process and the United Nations Resolutions.

At A.Jain, we are proud that the distribution of our jewelry from mine to market, adheres with all international laws and human rights policies. With supplier relationships that span generations, we have transparency into the operations and sourcing of all our suppliers.

If you have any questions about the processes on the stone or why it was done, please call our customer service department or email us and we will be happy to help address your questions.

What is the “Promise of Timeless Desire” on my product?

All of A.Jain’s unique pieces are individually handcrafted in the United States. The iconic trademark, like unfading flames, speak to the notion of continuity and timeless brilliance; the shapes of the gemstones themselves, embody the promise of love and beauty throughout eternity. The sparkle of the stones are inspired for the moments in time that take your breath away. And finally the colors are the embodiment of everyone’s individual beauty.

The A.Jain “Promise of Timeless Desire” is how we describe the extraordinary level of care and detail that embodies everything bearing the A.Jain name. Our intricately detailed jewelry pieces and gemstone cuts reflect the A.Jain passion for excellence. These pieces have been crafted and created to become synonymous with the connection of timeless love, desire, elegance, beauty and casual luxury that join individuals and generations for the years to come.

The A.Jain “Promise of Timeless Desire” when you purchase a A.Jain jewelry piece, is more than an investment in a beautiful piece of jewelry—it is also an investment in the care of your piece by the expert team of founders, artisans, designers, manufacturers, and stone vendors within the A.Jain team.

For the greatest continuity of care for your A.Jain piece, we recommend that you take your A.Jain jewelry piece to your authorized A.Jain retail partner so that they may send your A.Jain piece directly to our offices for repair, re-polish, or refurbishment.

Your personalized serial number will identify your unique A.Jain item to the retailer and provide tracking and continuity of care on your piece.

Please know that although we have very high standards for our authorized A.Jain retail partners and in their team’s treatment of our products, we cannot guarantee any work done by any outside jeweler. We strongly recommend that you ask your authorized A.Jain retail partner to send your A.Jain purchase directly to us for all services.

Any work performed by an outside jeweler may compromise the integrity of the piece, thus, no future work by A.Jain can be “guaranteed” after outside work has been performed.

For proper servicing of your A.Jain piece, again, it is imperative that all work be handled exclusively through authorized A.Jain retail partners, who can work directly with A.Jain craftsmen to provide the greatest continuity of care.

* Complimentary services that A.Jain provides as part of our dedication to our customers include: resizing (when possible), general refurbishing and touch-up. Not all pieces and circumstances apply. A.Jain reserves the sole discretion to determine the services they will provide, subject to change at any time. Complimentary services do not include shipping or insurance costs.

What’s the best way to care for my A.Jain jewelry?

Due to the individual character of hand craftsmanship, you may notice slight variances in each A.Jain design, which ensures that no two pieces are identical. This personal touch transforms each A.Jain piece into a small work of art. Our gemstones are products of mother nature, therefore our gemstones may not always be the same shades as gemstones in identical pieces. We try to create the best match possible using all natural materials but, again, these are objects of nature and should be admired as such.

We recommend that you extend the life and value of your handcrafted A.Jain heirloom by treating it with the same care it was given in its creation by the A.Jain craftsmen at our design studios.

Please know that A.Jain jewelry is made of precious metals and fine gems, and should be treated as such. Here are a few things you can do to keep your A.Jain piece in excellent condition:

  • When not being worn, store your A.Jain jewelry separately so it will not be scratched or damaged by other jewelry.
  • Protect all jewelry from sharp blows or strong pressure.
  • Remove your jewels if needed. Cosmetics, hair spray, perfumes, lotions, other substances and chemicals may cause build-up of grime, and will diminish jewelry’s natural sheen and beauty.

To restore a beautiful shine to your A.Jain jewels, your authorized A.Jain retail partner can recommend a cleansing gel and brush that is suited to your piece. Please know that we don’t recommend using a home ultrasonic machine, which could loosen stones if used incorrectly. You can also polish your A.Jain piece with a clean, soft, slightly damp cloth before and after wear. This will help prevent a build-up of natural oil accumulation that occurs through normal wear when the jewelry item touches skin.

Furthermore, always remove jewelry and store it carefully in a safe place when working with your hands, such as: performing household tasks, gardening, playing sports, bathing, using abrasive products or engaging in any activity that could damage or cause the loss of your jewelry.

If your piece has gemstone components, be sure to never submerge your piece in an ultrasonic or steam cleaner, nor expose them to saltwater or harsh chemicals (including household cleaning supplies). Also avoid extended exposure to extreme temperature or strong sunlight, which may cause gem discoloration.

When not wearing your A.Jain piece, we encourage you to store your A.Jain design in the soft pouch or box provided by A.Jain. If you received an A.Jain pouch with your purchase, please know that this is a specially designed pouch with ultra-soft finish that will not scratch your piece, and it also has anti- tarnish properties that will help the design maintain its bright finish longer. The A.Jain pouch has the added value of protecting the piece from any hard impact or being scratched by other items.

If you received an A.Jain box with your purchase, this is a wonderful place to store your jewelry when not being worn to keep it secure and protect it from any impact or from being scratched by other items.

For continued care and questions, we recommend that you visit your authorized A.Jain retail partner on an annual basis for a cleaning, check-up, and for suggestions to any maintenance questions you may have. Plus, you may find another A.Jain design to add to your collection! Of course, if life changes take you away from your current A.Jain retailer, we recommend that you find another authorized A.Jain retail partner close to your new home. To locate an authorized A.Jain retail partner, visit the “Where to Buy” section our website. If there are not any authorized retail partners within your area currently, please make all purchases through our website.

A.Jain is a designer and manufacturer of women’s jewelry. All of our jewelry is distributed to the public exclusively through authorized A.Jain retailers, who are more than happy to assist you with sales, pricing and service. Additionally, all A.Jain jewelry is also available to purchase online as a way of creating access to the vast amount of jewelry available from our collection.

Due to the A.Jain commitment to the retail fine jewelry community, purchases made online are financially shared with our retail network of fine jewelry partners as if the purchase was made in-store. You can find an authorized A.Jain retail partner near you by clicking here.

Natural vs. synthetic diamonds.

We choose to sell only natural diamonds and gemstones, which have been vetted as conflict-free and of the highest quality, rather than relying on synthetic, i.e. lab-created, stones. This may seem odd, as most purveyors today sell synthetic diamonds. We do this for several reasons, though perhaps the most significant is our belief that natural diamonds are more precious and more beautiful than their synthetic counterparts. Why else did we make this decision?

Because of advances in mining technology, naturally mined diamonds are more environmentally friendly than synthetic stones. The process of creating synthetic diamonds has a large carbon footprint and requires the use of, and ultimately the disposal of, caustic chemicals.

Naturally mined diamonds, as opposed to lab-created stones, also provide billions of dollars in socioeconomic benefits to the communities in which they are sourced. Mining of diamonds and other precious stones, which is highly regulated and has become much safer with recent technological improvements, is an extremely important global contributor of high-paying jobs. And these jobs are often created in communities where reliable, good-paying work is hard to find. We genuinely believe that by choosing to source only naturally mined diamonds, we are improving the quality of life and the economies in these areas.

Like most purveyors of naturally mined stones, we are always concerned with sourcing from only reputable, fair, and conflict-free producers. While 99.8% of the words diamonds are regulated by the Kimberly Process as conflict-free, we go even a step further to ensure our stones come from responsible producers.

Why we do free rhodium plating on our pieces.

Before shipping any A.Jain jewelry, we do rhodium plating (also called rhodium flashing or rhodium dip) on all silver pieces. For those who aren’t familiar, here is some basic information from Jewelry Wise on the process…

Rhodium is a rare, silver-white hard metal in the platinum family on the periodic table. It’s highly reflective and holds the distinction of being one of the most expensive precious metals in the world.

As an inert or noble metal — meaning it’s resistant to corrosion and oxidation in moist air — rhodium also increases the durability of any jewelry it plates.

At A.Jain, we put each Sterling silver piece through rhodium plating primarily because we want our products to last longer before needing cleaning. Rhodium plating prevents tarnishing of silver. Whereas many new jewelry pieces need early and constant cleaning, our pieces hold up better over time. We want to ensure minimal upkeep is necessary to maintain your jewelry looking spectacular, especially in today’s busy world. Here’s more from Jewelry Wise

Rhodium plating is often added onto… jewelry — and engagement and wedding bands in particular — to increase shine [and] make the metal more scratch resistant and, when used on silver jewelry, less prone to tarnishing.

One of the biggest upsides to rhodium plating is it’s nickel free, making it hypoallergenic. Most white jewelry consists of yellow gold mixed with a small amount of nickel to give it the “white gold” color. Nickel allergy is increasing across the population, so it makes sense to choose your metals wisely.

We also think this process brings longer-lasting value to A.Jain Sterling silver pieces, increasing their shine, luster, and durability.

Other questions

Learn about sizing.

Learn about sizing, view sizing charts, and download our printable sizing guide. Click here.

Committed to sustainability.

At A.Jain, we take our commitment to sustainable business practices very seriously. After all, both our passion and our business model revolve around the earth’s natural resources, and as grateful purveyors of those natural wonders, we must act as good stewards. To that end, we think critically about how our purchasing, our production methods, our shipping and storage process, and even our marketing affects the world. How do we act more sustainably?

First, we avoid all unnecessary waste. Sometimes this means making small changes, like promoting digital, versus printed, marketing materials. However the biggest way we avoid waste is by making all of our products to-order. This greatly reduces our wastage of raw materials, from metals to gemstones and diamonds, by eliminating over-production and keeping our global emissions footprint as low as possible.

Another big way we contribute to sustainable practices is through our control of the manufacturing process. At A.Jain, we oversee the entire mine-to-market lifespan for almost all of our gemstone products. We also choose to work with vendors, suppliers, and manufactures who are equally committed to sustainable and fair production practices. For example, we only source from U.S.-based manufacturers and wholesalers and from naturally recognized trade organizations, ensuring we work with only ethical and socially responsible companies.

I’m interested in employment opportunities.

Thank you for your interest! We would be more than happy to accept your resume for consideration and review, should any positions become available. If this is of interest to you, please email us your resume and cover letter of introduction to info@a-jain.com.

I’m interested in becoming an authorized retail partner.

Thank you for your interest! Please email us at sales@a-jain.com or call us at (212) 944-0043 with general information on your retail store. You will then be redirected to the founder, Abeer Jain, and he will be happy to discuss working with you and your retail store.

Do you have a comment or other questions?

Your comments and questions are very important to us and we enjoy answering each one personally.

Please know that we try to respond to every customer as quickly as possible, but due to the volume of emails and consumer interest we receive, we feel it is often much more effective for customers to be able to connect directly with authorized A.Jain retail partners for immediate guidance.

If you have questions about a A.Jain piece that you already own, we recommend that you connect directly with your authorized A.Jain retail partner; if you have exploratory questions about A.Jain, your questions may already be answered here in our Frequently Asked Questions section. You can locate an A.Jain retail partner near you by clicking here. If you have other specific questions, please feel free to email us at info@a-jain.com or connect with us via Facebook or Instagram.

Customer Care

The customer care specialists at A.Jain are available to help answer any questions that you have about our products. Our specialists are trained experts, with knowledge of all of our gemstones and diamonds along with our precious metals. They will be able to help you find answers to any questions regarding our products. Our specialists are also available as your very own personal shopping experts, here to help with all your purchasing needs.

Our customer care specialists are available to you during these times: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Please call (212) 944-0043 or you may email us directly at sales@a-jain.com.