Vibrancy & Dynamism. The energy of the city

Inspired by our hometown, New York, our Urban Chic collection is on display now.


Urban Chic Collection

With Urban Chic, it’s time to connect again. Urban environments are the quintessential testing grounds of form, shape, function and color. Our new collection is alive with the color, vibrancy and the diversity of the urban jungle. Inspired by the city we call home–New York–our Urban Chic collection is an homage to all conurbations, large or small, the world over.

The Timeless Collection

The product of a jewelry tradition with roots generations deep, our Timeless collection represents the very values of our brand: legacy, fortitude, patience, ageless style, and enduring quality. Like people, each piece in the collection is unique, each designed to showcase individuality through the diversity of form and color. Our stones are meant to be adored and admired, to highlight the unique personality of the wearer, each an homage to the styles and style makers of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Meet your designer, Abeer Jain

Abeer Jain is the Founder and Creative Director of the A. Jain brand. A product of three generations of gemstone manufacturers, he was born with a creative passion, a taste for elegance and timeless design, and an appreciation for the colors and beauty of natural, quality gemstones.

Like his family before him, Abeer is committed to creating quality jewelry using the finest materials–pieces that, like true love itself, are meant to last a lifetime. Handcrafted in the United States, each A. Jain piece has ethically sourced gemstones from around the world.